How to make a Twitter Application tutorial

This step-by-step tutorial was made for our Instauro prestashop module to show how easy can we make a Twitter Application.

Step 1

To make a twitter app, you need to go to . Here you need to sign in with an existing Twitter user.

sign in

Step 2

After signed in, you can start to make the application, with the Create a new application button, in the upper right corner.


Step 3

Name: Your application name. This is used to attribute the source of a tweet and in user-facing authorization screens.
Description: Your application description, which will be shown in user-facing authorization screens.
Website: Your application’s publicly accessible home page, where users can go to download, make use of, or find out more information about your application. If you don’t have a URL yet, just put a placeholder here but remember to change it later.
Callback URL (optional): Where should we return after successfully authenticating?


Step 4

After filling those fields, you must to accept the “Rules of the Road” and complete a captcha. You must generate “acces token” on the page below.


Step 5

At the second Menu bar, chose the OAuth tool, here you can find the: Consumer key, Consumer secret, Access token, Access token secret.


Thats all what you need for the Instauro module to work with the Twitter timeline.

PDF version

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    prestashop order notification, ezt írta:

    It’s a helpful info ,this stepwise tutorial teach me how to create a twitter application for prestashop,screenshots guide me what are the fields we need to consider while making the application. thanks for the valuable info.

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    joyel maria, ezt írta:

    trying to put url ”
    and still the message appears

    Validation failed: Not a valid URL format

    i have no clue what to do.
    help me please

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      admin, ezt írta:


      Could be that twitter checks the url and detects that there are no content.


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