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Minic slider pro is available on prestashop addons

We are working for days to finish our pro slider, and finally its done, so from now on, is available on prestashop addons.

Meet the minic slider pro

A well designed, rich and comprehensive homepage could have an amazing impact on your visitors conversion rate. But you have to deal with the lack of space and the deficiency of user attention, so here comes the minic sliders pro (carousel).

The minic slider pro allows you to create custom themes, without touching any code, so from now on, your page style is in your hand. Prepare and unleash your imagination it will be easy and fun.

Managing your promotions never been easier! You can add slides with links, description and manage it’s order with a few clicks.

It allows you to schedule your slides without any struggling

And even more

It has an amazing, easy to use user interface

Publish, Delete, Edit each slide separately

Title & Caption text (can be HTML)

16 unique transition effects

Multi language support

Responsive (automatically adapts to your screen resolution)

4 module position (top, content, left and right sidebar)


How to install the minic slider pro

As usual! Upload the downloaded .zip via the prestashop backend or upload the unzipped content to your modules directory.

After installation you can configure it under the Advertising & Marketing tab.

For Further information come back, we are preparing amazing tutorials

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