minicskeleton – module template for prestashop

This is a module template for Prestashop v1.5.x versions. Contains a basic markup to speed up module development. The skeleton was created based on the latest module creaton tutorial. Some things from the tutorial is skipped, some others are added, like the database manipulation, which I think is very usefull and easy to use.


  • install.sql to install tables easier if needed
  • Module Controller sample (remove the underscore to use it)
  • Recommended file structure
  • Elusive web icons, more info here

Front Office Hooks

  • Header (for css and js)
  • Top of pages
  • Home page
  • Left Column
  • Right Column
  • Footer

Back Office Hooks

  • Header (for css and js)
  • Dashboard

Feel free to leave a comment on the prestashop forum or on github. Any suggestion, bug, commit will be reviewed!

Download from github.

Happy coding!

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